Recommended retail price: US$ 20.00
Model: MS 102 B

Recommended for

Clear and/or Deep water conditions, both offshore and inshore.
Esca® can be used by itself as a small jig or rig it to your favourite lure or natural bait. Also rig an Esca® in combination with Spinners, Plugs, Light Jigs or even Trolling Skirts.
At night, fish can see Esca® light as their live food sources from a far distance. The fading light impulses mimic and trigger their hunting and biting instincts as a result with more solid hook-up’s.

Esca® Attractor

Esca® weights about 7 grams and it comes with two quality split rings (tolerate about 20Kgf). The lure light brings the fish in and the unique Electromagnetic Field created around the Esca® makes fish feel like they are eating the live prey and bite it harder. Esca® needs no batteries and generates its own energy in saltwater. It allows a variety of different rigging configurations. Add an Esca® to your favourite tackles or in combination with Esca® accessories such as Esca® Shrimp or Squid and increase catch rate.…DAY or NIGHT!

Colors and Frequencies

Esca® Blue and Green are very specific light wavelengths and frequencies that simulate lure lights used by marine organisms. Blue light is the color most commonly used by marine organisms in their light organs. Blue light is also the wavelength that penetrates deepest and furthest in water. In shallower waters containing more particles and algae, Green light is more often used, though this varies from season to season and place to place. We recommend therefore that you figure out what works best in your favorite fishing spots.

Esca® – 4 variants, endless combinations

Esca® blue and Esca® green are optimized to emit very specific wavelengths that mimic the predominant lure lights used by marine organisms. Addinionally our research shows that static light doesn’t attract fish as effectively as dynamic light – which is why Esca® comes in fading and multi-blink.
Try different colors and frequencies in combination with your favorite tackle to see what workds best for you.

Two options of packing

MS103G is available in two optional variants of packing; One with Esca® attractor only, and another one including hook and plastic box container.